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Asv 4810

Asv 4810 specs
TypeCompact track loader
Lift DesignRadial
Years MadeUnknown

Asv 4810 Specs

Asv 4810 specs are listed below. When reviewing the technical specifications of the Asv 4810, we recommend keeping the model year in mind. The manufacturer’s manuals were used to publish the Asv 4810 weight, horsepower, lifting capacity, and other specifications. Make sure to confirm the technical specifications with your seller before purchasing the Asv 4810. We will add the ASV 4810 review soon to assist you in your purchase.

Operating Specifications

Horsepower105 HP78 kW
Lifting Capacity (35% Tipping)2065 lbs937 kg
Lifting Capacity (50% Tipping)2950 lbs1338 kg
Operating Weight8640 lbs3919 kg
Tipping Load
Lift Breakout Force5900 lbs2676 kg
Tilt Breakout Force
Max. Travel Speed6.0 mph9.7 km
Ground pressure3.0 psi26.2 kPa

Hydraulic System

Pump Flow19.0 GPM71.9 LPM
Relief Pressure3200 psi220.6 MPa
Optional Flow30.0 GPM113.6 LPM
Hydraulic Capacity28.0 gal106 L
How much can an Asv 4810 lift?

The Asv 4810 can lift 2,950 pounds.

How many pounds does an ASV 4810 weight?

The ASV 4810 has a weight of 8,640 pounds.

How many horsepower is an Asv 4810?

The Asv 4810 is powered by 105 horsepower.

What engine is in an Asv 4810?

The Caterpillar 3054T engine powers the Asv 4810.

What is the Asv 4810’s oil capacity?

The oil capacity of the ASV 4810 is 2 gallons.

Engine Specs

Rated Speed2400 RPM
Torque Power1400 RPM
CombustionDirect injection
EmissionsEU Stage II
Compression Ratio16.2:1
Firing Order1-3-4-2
Gross Power105 HP78 kW
Displacement243 cu in.3982 cc
Bore3.9 in.10.0 cm
Stroke5.0 in.12.7 cm
Peak Torque284 ft-lb385 N∙m
Coolant Capacity9.5 gal36.0 L
Engine Oil Capacity2.0 gal7.5 L
Fuel Tank Capacity25.0 gal.94.7 L


Height82.5 in.209.6 cm
Bucket Hinge Pin114.0 in.289.6 cm
Width69.0 in.175.3 cm
Length114.8 in.291.6 cm
Ground Clearance16.0 in.40.6 cm


Track Width18.0 in.45.7 cm
Track Length220.0 in.558.8 cm
Track Weight265.0 lbs120.2 kg
Ground Contact Area2,826 in²18,232 cm²

ASV 4810 Review


The ASV 4810 has a reputation for being a reliable loader. The customers are pleased with both the machine's engine and its overall performance. The ASV 4810 loader has been criticized for its cramped cabin. The undercarriage can also be a source of concern. Because of this, it might make sense to purchase a 4810 if you come across one that is still in good condition.

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