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Asv Rt25

Asv rt25 specs
ModelRT 25
TypeCompact track loader
Lift DesignRadial
Years MadeUnknown

Asv Rt25 Specs

The tables below show basic of the technical details about the Asv Rt25 specs. When looking at the table for the Asv Rt25, you must take into account the year it was made. The manufacturer's user's manuals were take of advantage to get accurate information about the Asv Rt25's weight, lifting capacity, horsepower, and other technical requirements. Before making a purchase, you must talk to the seller to confirm the product's technical specifications. We will write an Asv Rt25 review as soon as we can, with the goal of helping you make a good buying decision.

Operating Specifications

Horsepower24.7 HP18.4 kW
Lifting Capacity (35% Tipping)665 lbs301.6 kg
Lifting Capacity (50% Tipping)950 lbs430.9 kg
Operating Weight3755 lbs1703.2 kg
Tipping Load1900 lbs861.8 kg
Lift Breakout Force
Tilt Breakout Force
Max. Travel Speed5.1 mph8.2 km
Ground Pressure3.1 psi25.3 kPa

Hydraulic System

Pump Flow10.0 GPM37.9 LPM
Relief Pressure3000 psi206.8 Bar
Optional FlowN/A
Hydraulic Capacity8.0 gal30.2 L
What engine is in an Asv RT25?

Asv RT25 is powered by a Perkins 403J-17T engine.

How much can an Asv RT 25 lift?

Asv RT 25 lifts 950 lbs.

How many HP is a Asv RT 25?

The Asv RT 25 has 25 horsepower.

What is the Asv RT25’s oil capacity?

The Asv RT25 oil capacity is 1.6 gallons.

What does an Asv RT25 weight?

The Asv RT25 weighs 3,755 lbs.

Engine Specs

Rated Speed2800 RPM
Torque Power1600 RPM
CombustionIndirect injection
EmissionsStage V/EPA Tier 4
Compression Ratio23.0:1
Firing Order1-2-3
Gross Power24.7 HP18.4 kW
Displacement91.0 cu in.1491 cc
Bore3.3 in.8.4 cm
Stroke3.5 in.9.0 cm
Peak Torque64.4 ft-lb87.3 N∙m
Coolant Capacity1.5 gal5.7 L
Engine Oil Capacity1.6 gal6.0 L
Fuel Tank Capacity10.0 gal98.0 L


Height72.5 in.184.2 cm
Bucket Hinge Pin101.0 in.256.5 cm
Width48.0 in.121.9 cm
Length114.0 in.289.6 cm
Dump Height77.0 in.195.6 cm
Dump Reach18.0 in.45.7 cm
Ground Clearance10.0 in.25.4 cm
Dump Angle40°
Rollback Angle18°
Departure Angle55°


Track Width11.0 in.27.9 cm
Track Length55.0 in.139.7 cm
Track Weight
Ground Contact Area1,210 in²7,806 cm²

Asv Rt25 Review


Those who have driven ASV RT25S have expressed their love for the vehicles, but only after having the undercarriage updated... The ASV Rt 25 is a machine that is suitable for light to medium duty work and performs exceptionally well in mud, on slopes, and on steep slopes, and it is an outstanding leveling machine.

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