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Case Sv185

Case sv185 skid steer
TypeSkid steer loader
Lift DesignVertical
Years Made2010-2015

You will view the Case Sv185 specs in an up-to-date and accurate way below. In addition to features such as Case Sv185 horsepower, lift capacity, and dimensions, all other specifications are included in the content. This information has been verified by checking the most up-to-date Case Sv185(2010-15 version) manuals. If there are any errors or omissions on the Case SV185 skid steers page, please let us know.

Operating Specifications

Horsepower60.0 HP44.7 kW
Lifting Capacity (35% Tipping)
Lifting Capacity (50% Tipping)1850 lbs840 kg
Operating Weight6500 lbs2950 kg
Tipping Load3700 lbs1678 kg
Lift Breakout Force2740 lbs1243 kg
Tilt Breakout Force5435 lbs2465 kg
Max. Travel Speed7.4 mph11.9 km
Optional High Speed11.5 mph18.5 km

Cycle Time

Raise Lift Arms3.0 sec.
Lower Lift Arms2.4 sec.
Bucket Rollback1.5 sec.
Bucket Dump2.2 sec.

Hydraulic System

Pump Flow19 GPM72 LPM
Relief Pressure3263 psi225.0 Bar
Optional Flow9.5 GPM36.0 LPM
Hydraulic Capacity4.3 gak16.2 L

Engine Specs

ModelN844T / M3
EmissionsTier 3
Rated Speed2900 RPM
Torque Power1800 RPM
CombustionIndirect injection
Compression Ratio
Firing Order1-3-4-2
Gross Power60.0 HP44.7 kW
Net Power57.0 HP42.1 kW
Displacement135 cu in.2212 cc
Bore3.3 in.8.4 cm
Stroke3.9 in.10.0 cm
Peak Torque126 ft-lb171 N∙m
Coolant Capacity1.8 gal6.7 l
Engine Oil Capacity2.2 gal8.5 l
Fuel Tank Capacity20 gal75.5 l


Height77.7 in.197.4 cm
Bucket Hinge Pin120.0 in.304.8 cm
Width64.1 in.162.8 cm
Length135.8 in.344.9 cm
Dump Height93.6 in.237.7 cm
Dump Reach30.8 in.78.2cm
Ground Clearance7.0 in.17.8 cm
Dump Angle52°
Rollback Angle35°
Departure Angle23°

Tire Size

Front10 x 16.5
Rear10 x 16.5

Case Sv185 Review

The Case Sv185 Skid steer is a powerful loader for its size. It provided comfort to the operator with the viewing angle, but I did not like the electronic pilot controls. I have come across that some users have complained that there are hydraulic currents for Case Sv185.

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