JCB Loaders

All the models JCB has built to date are listed in the table below. You can view the detailed properties of the installer by clicking on the ones marked in bold. We are constantly updating the page and offer new models.

ModelHorsepowerLifting Capacity
JCB 1100T92 HP3220 lbs
JCB 110578 HP2300 lbs
JCB 111092 HP2550lbs
JCB 13546 HP1350 lbs
JCB 135HD56 HP1350 lbs
JCB 150T57 HP1500 lbs
JCB 15557 HP1550 lbs
JCB 155HD50 HP1550 lbs
JCB 16041 HP1400 lbs
JCB 16541 HP1400 lbs
JCB 165 High Flow50 HP1400 lbs
JCB 17056 HP1600 lbs
JCB 17560 HP1750 lbs
JCB 18045 HP1800 lbs
JCB 180T70 HP1700 lbs
JCB 18570 HP1400 lbs
JCB 185 High Flow62 HP1400 lbs
JCB 19062 HP1900 lbs
JCB 190T62 HP1900 lbs
JCB 20562 HP2050 lbs
JCB 205T74 HP2050 lbs
JCB 21074 HP2100 lbs
JCB 210T74 HP2650 lbs
JCB 21574 HP2100 lbs
JCB 215T74 HP3000 lbs
JCB 22574 HP2250 lbs
JCB 225T74 HP2250 lbs
JCB 26074 HP2600 lbs
JCB 260T74 HP2600 lbs
JCB 27074 HP2700 lbs
JCB 270T74 HP4000 lbs
JCB 28074 HP2800 lbs
JCB 30074 HP3200 lbs
JCB 300T74 HP4300 lbs
JCB 320T74 HP4550 lbs
JCB 325T74 HP4550 lbs
JCB 33074 HP3300 lbs
JCB 3TS-8T74 HP5300 lbs
Jcb 3TS-8T Extended74 HP2300 lbs
JCB 3TS-8W74 HP3200 lbs

Since its founding in 1945, JCB has developed into a top producer of equipment and vehicles for the construction, agricultural, waste management, and demolition industries. Simultaneously, JCB manufactures a variety of skid steer and compact track skid loaders.

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