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John Deere CT332

John Deere CT332
ManufacturerJohn Deere
TypeCompact track loader
Lift Designdxx6tVertical
Years Made2005-2009

John Deere CT332 specs are listed below. It comes as no surprise that the JD CT332 is still in high demand. We looked through the user manuals for John Deere to find the most accurate information for this page. Finally, we’ve included our experts’ John Deere CT 332 review at the bottom of the page. We hope to be able to help people who want to buy a CT332 compact track loader.

Operating Specifications

Horsepower82.0 HP61.1 kW
Lifting Capacity (35% Tipping)3200 lbs1453 kg
Lifting Capacity (50% Tipping)4600 lbs2088 kg
Operating Weight10825 lbs4915 kg
Tipping Load9200 lbs4177 kg
Lift Breakout Force8210 lbs3727 kg
Tilt Breakout Force6650 lbs3019 kg
Max. Travel Speed6.2 mph10.0 km
Optional High Speed7.8 mph12.6 km
Ground Pressure4.3 psi30.0 kPa

Cycle Time

Raise Lift Arms
Lower Lift Arms
Bucket Rollback
Bucket Dump

Hydraulic System

Pump Flow24.0 GPM90.8 LPM
Relief Pressure3100 psi213.7 Bar
Optional Flow34.0 GPM128.7 LPM
Hydraulic Capacity5.0 gal18.9 L
How much does a John Deere CT332 weight?

John Deere CT332 is 10,825 pounds in weight.

What engine is in a John Deere CT332?

The John Deere CT332 is powered by a John Deere 5030 turbo engine.

How much can a John Deere CT332 lift?

The John Deere CT332 has the 4,600-pound lifting capacity.

How much horsepower does a John Deere CT332 have?

The John Deere CT332 has a horsepower rating of 82 HP.

When did the JD CT332 come out?

The JD CT332 was first manufactured in 2005.

Engine Specs

ManufacturerJohn Deere
EmissionsTier 2
Rated Speed2800 RPM
Torque Power1500 RPM
CombustionDirect injection
Compression Ratio19.1:1
Firing Order1-2-4-5-3
Gross Power82.0 HP61.1 kW
Net Power76.0 HP56.7 kW
Displacement186 cu in.30448 cc
Bore3.4 in.8.6 cm
Stroke4.1 in.10.5 cm
Peak Torque212 ft-lb287 N∙m
Coolant Capacity1.8 gal6.8 L
Engine Oil Capacity2.4 gal9.0 L
Fuel Tank Capacity18.5 gal70.0 L


Height82.9 in.210.6 cm
Bucket Hinge Pin127.2 in.323.2 cm
Width80.7 in.204.9 cm
Length138.6 in.352.0 cm
Dump Height102.1 in.259.3 cm
Dump Reach40.0 in.101.6 cm
Ground Clearance11.0 in.27.9 cm
Dump Angle45°
Rollback Angle35°
Departure Angle28°


Track Width17.7 in.45.0 cm
Track Length115.3 in.292.8 cm
Ground Contact Length

John Deere CT332 Review


The John Deere CT332 is a compact track loader designed to deliver maximum power and performance in a variety of applications. This machine is ideal for heavy-duty tasks such as landscaping and construction. The JD CT332 is a great choice for people who want a machine that works well and is reliable because it is built to last, has simple controls, and is easy to use.

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