What Does Dimensions Mean on a Loader?

The dimension information of the loader is sometimes shown with visuals rather than tables in the skid steer and compact track loader catalogs. When compared to other models, this can sometimes make things difficult. To prevent this, we’ve made a page that explains what each of the image’s dimensions means. The table and image example taken are from the Bobcat manual.

skid steer dimensions
AMax. Operating Height
BHeight with Operator CAB
CAngle of Departure
DGround Clearance
EGround Contact Length
FLength without Attachment
GLength with Standard Bucket
HRollback at Ground Position
IDump Height with Standard Bucket
JHeight to Bucket Hinge Pin
KDump Reach at Maximum Height
LDump angle at maximum height
MRollback Fully Raised at Maximum Height
NBucket Width
OTurning Radius with Standard Bucket
PTrack Width
QWidth Over Tracks

Finally, when reviewing a loader’s dimensions, we advise you to take into account standard tire size or track width.

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