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Bobcat Introduces the T86 and S86 R Series Loaders

Bobcat, arguably the most well-known maker of skid steer loaders, has released some brand-new R-series models. The new T86 and S86 models are an upgrade from the R-series and are the best choice if you’re in the market for a more potent compact loader. Increased horsepower and working capacity, as well as a level of comfort that makes extended periods of work possible, are the most striking features of these loaders.

More Hydraulic Flow

Bobcat loaders, such as the T86 and S86, are a symbol of strength. There are a total of three distinct hydraulic flow options available for these models.

  • It has a standard flow rate of 23 GPM, which will allow you to handle tasks that are routine and simple.
  • The high flow rate of 36 GPM makes it simple to finish jobs that have a medium level of difficulty.
  • It has a super flow of 42 GPM, which is not found in any of the other loaders, and will make your heavy work much easier.

Standard and Optional Features

We reviewed the Bobcat T86 and 86 manuals for you and listed the standard and optional features below.

Standard Features

  • 3-point seat belt
  • 5″ Deluxe instrumentation (radio ready)
  • Adjustable suspension seat
  • Deluxe pressurized cab with HVAC
  • Key start
  • Seat bar
  • Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC)
  • LED working lights front and rear
  • 450 mm wide rubber tracks
  • 14-pin attachment control kit
  • Auxiliary hydraulics: variable flow/maximum flow
  • Bob-Tach attachment system
  • Bobcat interlock control system (BICS)
  • Dual direction bucket positioning (including ON/OFF switch)
  • Engine/hydraulics system shutdown
  • High flow hydraulics
  • Super flow hydraulics
  • Lift arm support
  • Power Bob-Tach
  • Spark arrestor muffler
  • 2-speed travel
  • Backup alarm
  • Horn
  • Reversing camera
  • Machine IQ (telematics)
  • Operating manual
  • Parking brake
  • Warranty: 24 months or 2 000 hours

Optional Features

  • 7″ touch display
  • Heated cloth air ride seat with 3-point seat belt
  • Auto HVAC
  • Clear-view cab
  • Fire extinguisher kit
  • FOPS kit
  • Keyless kit
  • Lexan rear window kit
  • Radio
  • Special applications front door kit
  • 4-way flasher kit
  • Beacon
  • LED side lighting kit
  • Premium LED lights (with corner view)
  • Headlight guard kit
  • Tail light guard kit
  • Strobe
  • 450 mm multi-bar lug tracks
  • 200 lbs (74.4 kg) counterweight kit
  • 300 lbs (111.9 kg) counterweight kit
  • Auto Ride Control
  • Engine block heater kit
  • Five couplers auxiliary block
  • Rear auxiliary hydraulic kit
  • Reversible fan
  • Debris seal kit
  • 4-point lift kit
  • Road kit
  • Single-point lift kit

Who Are the New Bobcats Appropriate For?

The Bobcat T86 and S86 models are the most recent additions to the Bobcat lineup, providing improved performance, comfort, and convenience over previous Bobcat models. These new loaders are ideal for construction sites, landscaping projects, and any other task that necessitates heavy-duty lifting capabilities. These two models provide improved safety features, as well as increased maneuverability and durability, thanks to their powerful engines and advanced technology. The Bobcat T86 and S86 loaders are sure to meet your needs, whether you need a loader that can handle rough terrain or one that is simple to operate.

This series is suitable for all of your tasks, from the simplest to the most laborious ones you have, including all of them. In a nutshell, loaders that are robust and long-lasting offer a high degree of compatibility with a variety of attachments.

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