The Difference Between a Radial Lift vs Vertical Lift Skid Steer

So which is better? The truth is that they both do an excellent job. Some jobs necessitate loading, while others do not. Before making your decision, consider the types of jobs you’ll be doing. Both radial and vertical-lift machines will do the job. The only difference you’ll probably notice is when you lift the material.


What Does Radial Lift Mean on a Loader?

The loader provides improved digging geometry with more reach at the midpoint of the lift cycle. This makes it perfect for asphalt work, excavating applications like landscaping, digging, excavation, street construction, and industrial tasks. Though radial lift machines cost less and are favored by operators who do a lot of digging or spreading at low heights, these kinds of machines are less stable as the arms reach mid-point and the bucket is furthest forward. When fully raised, the bucket is closer to the machine, resulting in limited reach when loading-trucks, hoppers, or spreaders. Spillage from the back of the bucket can also end up on top of the machine or in the operator’s lap.

What Does Vertical Lift Mean on a Loader?

A vertical lift loader makes loading dump trucks easier. The machine’s maximum height allows a bucket to reach completely inside a truck to dump the load. Because the bucket on a vertical design rises and turns at the same time, your overall dimensions remain constant. A downside of vertical lift designs is that they can cost more and be more complex to manufacture. They may also have reduced rear or side visibility when the arms are low, but superior visibility when the arms are raised, because the bucket is the same distance from the machine from the bottom to the top of the lift path. Because the bucket is a similar distance from the machine from the bottom to the top of the lift path, some vertical lift machines provide more consistent stability as the arms are raised from fully-lowered to fully-raised position. Vertical lift designs have grown in popularity, accounting for a sizable portion of new skid loader sales.

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