Vermeer Loaders

The table below contains a list of all the models Vermeer has created to date. By clicking on the bolded ones, you can view the installer’s detailed properties. We offer new models and update the page frequently.

ModelHorsepowerLifting Capacity
Vermeer S400TX23 HP500 lbs
Vermeer S450TX23 HP500 lbs
Vermeer S600 Gas30 HP600 lbs
Vermeer S600 Diesel25 HP500 lbs
Vermeer S600TX Gas30 HP600 lbs
Vermeer S600TX Diesel25 HP500 lbs
Vermeer S650TX25 HP660 lbs
Vermeer S725TX25 HP750 lbs
Vermeer S800TX35 HP850 lbs
Vermeer S925TX 35 HP950 lbs
Vermeer CTX5025 HP600 lbs
Vermeer CTX10040 HP1050 lbs
Vermeer CTX16040 HP1600 lbs

Vermeer caters to domestic and international markets for construction, landscaping, environmental protection, excavation, and forage. They have so far produced a dozen skid steer loaders in addition to the equipment they produce.

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