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John Deere 333g Vs Cat 299d

This comparison of the John Deere 333G and Cat 299D loaders might be of interest to you. The table below shows some of the most important specs. These specs may be different depending on the model and year it was made, but we hope this page helps you decide which loader is best for you. Please let us know if you have any other ideas, and we will try to include them.

John Deere 333gCat 299D
Rating Operating Capacity
50% tipping
5800 lbs4250 lbs
Operating Weight14000 lbs10700 lbs
Tipping Load11630 lbs8500 lbs
Horsepower100.0 HP98.0 HP
Max. Travel Speed7.8 mph8.4 mph
Hydraulic Pump Flow25.0 GPM23.0 GPM
Optional High Flow41.1 GPM32.0 GPM
Bucket Hinge Pin132.0 in.125.6 in.
Ground Pressure5.0 psi4.9 psi
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